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Character; Series: Darten [Dart] Iiiyin Varmel Volgue (also known by the alias: Augus Menville Gott Dartsmouth); Pareidolia (Original)

Character Journal: [profile] turp_ven

Character Type: Secondary

Digimon Partner: Terriermon - Gagolamon - Black Rapidmon - Black Saint Galgomon

D-Comm Colours/Symbol: Photobucket

Imported from Another RP?: No

Character Appearance: Dart is a little on the short end of the Semetician height spectrum topping out at 6’3”, and his skin is a tan colour. His grey-blue coloured eyes are common in his mother’s family. However his black hair – a rarity for the Semet – is rumored to be the result of his family’s tendency to mate with the other races of Cimmerii. He normally wears his wavy hair short because of his constant contact with machinery. His smaller limbs and stature allows him to climb through, into and under the complicated machinery he works with every day.

He is understandably feminine, being the first male born on either side of his family in six generations. He has slim features, and a slender frame. To other species he may look younger than his age, but all Semeticians have this same problem, their bodies deteriorate at a much slower rate, and therefore they age at a much slower rate as well.

His hands are small, flexible and extremely dexterous with a number of tools. And although he works on machinery all day, he keeps his fingernails clean, unlike many of his co-workers, who joke about it being the result of being raised by a diplomat and an actress. Right after work he is normally covered in various layers of grease and dust, and will sometimes have cuts or scrapes. He has a scar from an encounter with the police that runs along the length of his right arm.

Dart tends to dress for practicality, rather than for looks. For work he normally wears a grease stained t-shirt and jeans. When required to dress more formally he will don a suit and tie, however he doesn't believe he looks very good in formal attire. He much prefers to dress causally and comfortably, and thus will try his best to avoid formal occasions.

He also has a henna coloured tattoo that runs along the back of his neck and shoulders and down both arms that look similar to winding vines. It acts like a family crest and is applied to every Semet child at birth. Dart normally covers his, sometimes even using concealer to do so in order to keep his true identity secret.


Character Age: 34

Character History: Dart was born in the summer of Year 24* on Cimmeri to Iiiyin Volgue (an ambassador) and Varmel Vant (a classical actress). His parents were both fairly well known on Cimmeri, and traveled in the intellectual, art, and political circles. Iiiyin and Varmel encouraged him to have a 'traditional Semecian education', meaning that he would attend a privately run school as well as be tutored in the subjects needed to function in high society. However they believed in giving him freedom in what he wanted to do and allowed him to be tutored in engineering at an early age.

At his tenth birthday party his parents introduced him to the daughter of one of the politicians they knew, Geniin Augustia Fermine Troluse. The two of them become fast friends, even with an age difference of 23 years**. After learning of Dart's interest in machines and engineering Geniin introduced Dart to the Turple Vendicular Certification Program*** and began helping him study for certification tests. He entered some of the program's classes with his parent's blessing and found his passion with cars. When Dart turned 15 Geniin asked him to start dating her in secret. He agreed, completely infatuated with her.

Not long after they began dating, Geniin began telling Dart about her involvement in an underground sect of Semecian politics, the Regatio. Disliked by mainstream Semecians, the Regatio took action against the Omni, infiltrating the government in an attempt to gain information. He was uninterested at first, not particularly wanting a career in politics, but Geniin managed to convince him, by finding an opening that only he could fill. When he was 18 (the legal adult age within the Omni), Dart left home with Geniin to be closer to the Omni's military headquarters. They both change their names and identities, Dart taking on the identity of a 3/4 Semet named Augus Dartsmouth. He still goes by the nickname of Dart however, and was lucky enough to keep the same birth date and a few other details when taking on the identity.

At the end of Year 42 Dart passes the Turp Ven certification and is almost immediately approached by the Omni to design and build everything from tanks to personnel transports. Two years later he has enough money saved up to have a house built and opens an auto body shop in one of the two garages as a side project. He takes on interns from the local high schools and colleges and shows them the ropes of fixing cars and working in a shop, while getting to enjoy his hobby and still work for the Omni. He employs Mikkéalai (a descendant from another prominent race on Cimmerii, and Russian immigrants) as his right hand man and they become very good friends. However Dart doesn't reveal his true motives for working with the Omni to him.

Business went well for his auto shop, and he was able to meet all of his deadlines with the Omni. However the Omni is not the most trusting government, and takes their security very seriously. The government occasionally raids Dart's house looking for incriminating evidence. The first time, Dart fought back, only to end up in the hospital for several months. After which he attempted to be out of the house when he suspected they would come.

After almost 15 years together, Dart and Geniin finally go their separate ways. Both had been seeing other people for several years and it was becoming increasingly clear that the relationship would not last.

In the winter of Year 55 he met Hardy Blackbourne (Daisuke Morimoto) when the younger man brought his Geo in to get fixed. Said Geo was crushed in an accident not too long afterwards and Dart and Hardy gradually became friends, and then more than friends. To Dart's slight disappointment though, Hardy saw the relationship as an open and non-serious one, while Dart's affections for him only continued to grow.

*Year 24 - The calendar system for Pareidolia is nearly the same as our calendar system, however the years branch out from Year 50 where the bulk of the plot begins.

**Large age differences - Since the Semet do not mature sexually until their early 30's it is common for even young children to be sexually active and curious. However it is still looked down upon and in some areas of Cimmeri illegal for adults (age 31+) to engage in sexual acts with children and teenagers. While Geniin and Dart's friendship would not be questioned, or even considered an oddity, once they became sexually involved they stepped over a boundary, and thus made an extreme effort to hide their relationship.

***Turple Vendicular Certification Program - A Turple Vendicular Technician (or Turp Ven) is a jack of all trades for the engineering, mechanic, and electronic worlds. They must have a basic working knowledge of nearly every machine, computer, and micro chip, as well as be able to reverse engineer, and fix/ troubleshoot them. There are classes to help teach some of the hands on things, and study guides to help with the memorization, but you can only receive certification by passing all three exams. Exams are only held every other year, and proficiency exams are held every five years to make sure that prior applicants keep up with the times.

Character Personality: He is upbeat and intelligent, if not sometimes flamboyant and loud. He is naturally curious and questions things whenever possible. He has the mind of an engineer and is constantly thinking with his hands – building and taking apart and putting different things together (with mixed success). Dart takes failures well, merely thinking of a way to fix them next time. He likes to joke around and has a good sense of humor, which he extends onto those less comically inclined around him.

He isn't afraid to point out someone's flaws and mistakes when he thinks they may benefit from the knowledge.

Dart is not the type of person to work out, but he has gained much of his strength from the heavy lifting his job requires. He knows some very basic self defense which he learned from his mother, but that is as far as his physical strengths go. If in trouble he normally makes some form of verbal distraction before running in the opposite direction of the danger.

He rarely feels insulted, no matter what the insult, but he does take insults toward his friends, family, and race very personally.

Digimon Personality: Terri is a fighter, feisty and hot tempered, Terri would rather go head first into a fight than tarry with pleasantries. Terri is however well behaved when a fight is not in the air, and can be very pleasant to be around. So long as certain boundaries are not crossed. Terri takes insults and taunts very personally, though Terri is not above throwing a few choice words back.

Terri also has very little concern for personal space, preferring to attach its self to whoever is closest.

Terri's favourite thing besides fighting is researching fighting moves and the best way to implement them. (Terri's a bit of a strategist at heart.) When accused of rushing head long into a fight, Terri argues that there is method and strategy behind its moves, and that its a very smart fighter. Terri doesn't often enter a fight it cannot win, and will tell a would be opponent so. Which comes off as being a bit of a smart ass.

Character Abilities: He is very technically inclined and is willing to build something he needs rather than wait around for someone to invent it. He can also fix almost anything given enough time and the right materials.

He can speak his native language, Cimme, fluently, along with English (which he uses in every day life), and Latin. He can carry a conversation in French and Spanish without much trouble, and knows a little Italian and Russian.

Dart has become very adept at 'Lifetime Jumping' an ability that all pure breed Semet have. It allows the Semet to 'see' any event that occurs during their lifetime, anywhere. Lifetime Jumping, depending on the Semet's level, is generally limited to within a few days of the Semet's birth and a few years of their death. The future is harder to jump to, since hundreds of thousands of events and decisions decide a single person each moment, but successful future jumps can be made. However it does take quite a bit of practice and training to master all of the elements, and laws surrounding the ability. Dart specializes in seeing things in the past, and has mastered the somewhat taboo practice of viewing it in reverse and fast forward, making his jumps both more informative and more dangerous. In the Digital World, Dart's abilities are limited to the time he has spent there, making future jumps nearly impossible for more than a few minutes into the future.

Sample RP: Dart had been having a very bad day. A simple trip through the dimensional portal had left him in the middle of a desert, with nothing but the clothes on his back and his cell phone. Which of course had no service. He didn't have any idea what planet he was on, whether they were part of the Omni, or if they even had a gate so he might have a chance of getting home sometime this year. And what was worse, he was getting a very irritating rash from the sun.

After a few hours of walking he'd finally found himself at an oasis and had collapsed under the closest tree. He pulled out his cell phone again and stared at it for a moment. It was definately not his cell phone, even though it had his name and a classic Mustang steering wheel on the case. Yelling from farther into the oasis pulled his attention from his cell phone's transformation. Going towards the source of the disturbance, Dart couldn't help but stare again at the bizzare sight in front of him. Toy like animals were standing in a circle while two of them rolled around in the sand, shouting and cursing at each other as they pulled ears and fur.

Dart pushed his way through the strange gathering as quickly as possible and managed to pull the two small animals apart. The one Dart was now holding kicked and waved its tiny arms, then looked angrily up at Dart.

"If you don' put me down righ' now, I'm gonna get really mad." It said, black eyes glaring dangerously. Slightly confused, Dart put the animal down and watched as it brushed sand from its long ears.

"You were losing though..."

"Maybe it looked tha' way, but I always have back up plan." The long eared animal looked Dart up and down, appraising him. "You ain't much of a fighter, huh?"

Laughing a little, Dart nodded, "That easy to tell?"



"Not ta worry, mate! We'll get you all squared away."

Dart raised an eyebrow, "With what?"

"A partner, mate. Name's Terri, don' call me nothin' else, kay? Got it? Good."

"Uh...sure...but I really just need a phone..."

Sample Journal Entry:

[Accidental Audio]

-ust let me work, Terri!

I stillwouldn't do that...

It will be fine, I'll put it right back together once I figure out how it works. There has to be a transmitter in here somewhere...

Yeah, that trans-mitty thingy is the only thing connecting us to the rest o' the D-World. You break it, we're screwed.

I'm not going to break it Terri...there we go...

Break it yet?

No...I just need to find...oh shi-


Note: Here is a link to other information on the Semet that I have written out for Pareidolia, it may clarify some questions about the race. If you have any other questions, just ask. http://pareidolia.wetpaint.com/page/Semet


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